Parajurista Elena Tutunaru

Strengthening access to justice through legal empowerment of refugees in Moldova

Status: Active
Duration: 2022 – 2024
Budget: US$1,681,000
Coverage: National
Beneficiaries: Ministry of Internal Affairs, “Stefan cel Mare” Academy, General Police Inspectorate, other subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police recruits and students
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), “Stefan cel Mare” Academy, General Police Inspectorate (GPI)
Project Document: Strengthening Police Training Capacities in the Republic of Moldova
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Project Summary:

Professional training of staff is an area of a particular importance for the successful implementation of police reform. Building upon the MIA’s and the “Stefan cel Mare” Academy’s aspirations to reinforce the practice-oriented training, the project will strengthen institutional capacities, upgrade the learning technology and modernize the practical training infrastructure of the institution to enable an environment for nurturing next-generation police professionals, equipped with skills, knowledge and competences compliant with the demand for modern-style policing. The interventions in police training system, should also contribute to improved quality of police services in Moldova. Taken together, these results can increase public confidence in and support for law enforcement and justice processes, enhancing system performance and, ultimately, the integrity of the law.


Foster a more effective, professional, and accountable police service by reinforcing national capacities and structures to provide skills-based training of law enforcement professionals in Moldova, in line with international best practices.

Expected results:

  • Premises and facilities for conducting practical training on crime scene investigation modernized and fully used by the “Stefan cel Mare” Academy;
  • Feasibility study on the modernization of the “Stefan cel Mare” Academy’s indoor shooting range completed;
  • Premises and facilities for conducting defensive tactics training renovated and endowed with training gear;
  • At least 400 police staff trained using modernized facilities.